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Dupuis publishing
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In a corner of a small street, inside the shade of hudge buildings of Tokyo, hides the Mystery Café. Push the door and sit confortably at the counter: here, the excentric owner offers his best dishes but also his services as a private detective...

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Festival of Shadows comic book cover


Tuttle publishing

In a Japanese village, the inhabitants are entrusted to assist the "shadows" of those who died tragically to find peace. Naoko, a dreamy young woman, is given a year to save the soul of a mysterious man. As the years goes by, Naoko finds herself teetering between the worlds of the living and the dead. Could she be risking her own life to help someone who has already lost his?

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comic books by Atelier Sentô
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Cécile Corbel and Atelier Sentô

Collaboration with
Cécile Corbel

A music video composed by Cécile Corbel and illustrated by Atelier Sentô.

"L'heure Bleue" is a live drawing concert: Atelier Sentô creates watercolor illustrations while Cecile Corbel sings and plays harp.

Atelier Sentô is a French duo (Cecile Brun and Olivier Pichard).
We create comic books, video games and illustrations inspired by our travels in Japan.
Through our work we want to show an unusual side of Japan, made up of small villages in the mountains, festivals, forgotten spirits.

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